This past January I was asked by Sony USA to shoot some 4K raw footage for the Sony Open and to help showcase their soon to be released Sony AXS-R5 Raw recorder.  I was also using Canon’s new 50-1000mm lens that I rented from Josh over at Hawaii Camera.

Canon Cine Servo 50-1000mm
Canon Cine Servo 50-1000mm

We ended up shooting stock footage from around the island of surfing and scenics.  It was during one of the epic swells just before the Eddie Aikau ran this year.  We shot at Waimea Bay and a few other surf spots around the island.

Waimea Bay January 2016 standing next to the Sony PMW rig on the right is Josh Trotter

I never really got to look at the footage until just the other day.  I had just received my new Tangent Ripple I bought at NAB through the guys at Band Pro and I was looking for some footage to test it with.  I came across a few clips from Waikiki that we shot one sunset.  I edited them together in Premiere Pro CC and used the Tangent Ripple to do some color correction in Lumitri Color panel.  I am very happy with the results but you can see for yourself in the clip below.